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MetricWire gives researchers complete creative control over the design of their study. Our user-friendly interface allows researchers to design and deploy their study within minutes; no coding necessary. MetricWire makes smartphone research easy.

Technology and Features

At MetricWire, we recognized that the increasing use and reliance on smartphones creates a unique opportunity for research. In conjunction with top researchers from around the world, we have developed the technology that allows them to utilize smartphones in their data collection and analysis. With MetricWire, it is now possible to collect in-the-moment data from device users, analyze it in real-time and act on it. The future is connected, and now your research can be too.

With guidance from the Federal Drug Administration, Canadian and US Governments, we have designed our software in careful reference to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), including the FDAs part 11, HIPAA, and PHIPA regulatory compliance. In addition, our cloud-based solutions for research and clinical research are extremely flexible and can be configured to support our clients' needs.

GPS Capabilities

Participant location is accurately tracked via the onboard GPS sensors on participants devices. Location tracking, geofencing, and time stamping are at your disposal.

Offline Data Collection

Working offline? Lose service? No problem. Our native app allows your participants to submit responses without the fear of data loss.

MetricWire is trusted by some of the world's top researchers and institutions

"We have chosen to work with MetricWire due to their intense commitment to their customers and to continuously developing their platform for creating custom smartphone based surveys. "

Bart Johnson - Johnson & Johnson

"Metricwire had the broadest suite of options of all of the EMA (Ecological Momentary Assessment) platforms that I reviewed. It had the flexibility I needed for a complex EMA study that I was in the process of starting."

Matt Price - University of Vermont

"We have been impressed by the work ethic and speedy responses of MetricWire. The company is extremely client focussed; they listened to our needs and tailored a system to match exactly what we required in a time efficient and responsive manner."

Lyndon Jones, Director, Centre for Contact Lens Research

"MetricWire has been incredibly responsive to our need to brainstorm novel methodological approaches to collecting data, and are willing to invest time in adapting solutions to our specific research needs."

Josephine Mcmurray - University of Waterloo

"Once we met MetricWire, most of our previous challenges disappeared - they had thought of everything and made a terrifically user-friendly interface to adapt to client needs."

Lauree Vallery - Experience Renewal

"The team responded really well to any queries and was always willing to talk about ways their software could be enhanced that would assist us in the delivery of other projects to our clients. "

Michael Trigwell- Taverner

"MetricWire offers the most advanced mobile platform for performing mobile research. They understand what makes their tool valuable to researchers and were very proactive in setting up our research project."

Joost Wegman - Donders
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The mobile app only allows for response submissions, not study creation. It is simply the tool that facilitates smart phone data collection. In order for researchers to create and design studies, an account must be created via our online researcher portal. To gain access to this portal please send us a message below.