We help leading organizations leverage their customer and consumer experiences to bring their brands to the forefront.

Actionable Decision Science
In-the-moment insights lead to better and faster decision-making, more accurate data, improved validation and substantiated conclusions.
Collection & Targeting Technology
MetricWire provides a platform that allows you to take control of the unique features of smartphone and tablet devices in order to get the highest quality data available.
Contextualized Insights
Combining the capabilities of smartphone devices like GPS and multimedia with traditional surveys, MetricWire has the ability to understand customer behaviour and analyze mixed-mode data like never before.
Advanced Analysis Tools
Identify key trends and customize the appearance of your data to craft a compelling narrative.
Enrich Insights Through Multimedia
  • Capture audience feedback on point of sale experience. This was a nice display, I wasn't able to find what I wanted
  • How did a change in product packaging and/or display impact purchase decisions?
Analysis Tools
  • Dynamic graphical reports that give detailed insights, in real time
  • Customizable dashboards
Engage Audiences at Critical Moments
  • Leverage passive tracking to understand traffic patterns. Where do customers go after they leave? Why did they leave?
  • How far do people travel to get there?
Eliminate Recall Bias
  • Ensure accurate responses by asking intelligent and branched questions in the moment of experience
  • Genuine and unfiltered answers lead to accurate decisions